About Alliance Security Systems

Established by the experienced professionals having an experience since 1993 by recognizing the growing need for an ACTIVE and DEPENDABLE Perimeter Security Systems that would reliably deter, deny entry and even the most determined intruder, Alliance Security Systems products were developed. The Security Division was established to design, produce and market a range of world class security systems, with a complete range of quality accessories and products, to tackle the most demanding perimeter security applications. The result was the Alliance Security Systems in association with world renowned Ibex Gallagher Electrified Security Systems, which is, pulsed every 1.2 second, ensuring would-be intruders in contact with the electrified security systems; receive short, sharp painful, but regulated safe SHOCK. If the system is attacked or tampered with in way an appropriate alarm is signalled, giving details of the violated sector monitoring purposes.

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